Tot’s and Co – Parenting Classes

Tots and Co. have recieved a grant from the Sligo Childcare Commitee to run a parenting course.  This will take place on Saturday the 20th and 27th of February between 10:00 and 13:00, in The Lisadell Centre and is free of charge. Places are limited. For more information please contact Laura Money on 087 9910087 before February 15th.

This is the information I have received from Pernille Burns, who will be running the course for us:

The Optimistic Child

Everybody wants the best for their children, and that boils down to their being happy, both now and in the future.  It is proven that optimistic children do better at school and sports and are even healthier than those with a more pessimistic outlook on life.  This course is aimed at helping parents teach and instill in their children an optimism which will help them in every aspect of their lives, safeguard them against depression and build lifelong resilience.

The first morning we will look at what happiness is and why it is so important to our well being; explore our own and our children’s inner dialogue, how we talk to ourselves and if need be, how to change that; talk about how to dispute and “decatastrophise”  that inner voice, look at how we cope with setbacks and failure.

The second morning will look at how to help our children become more assertive with positive communication skills; work on their social skills and ability to solve their own problems as no amount optimism will make all our problems disappear; we will discuss how self esteem can be boosted and help us in our quest for happiness.

If you need anymore information please contact me on the above number.