Lissadell Parish Church


Church History:

Lissadell church was built in the 1840’s by Sir Robert Gore-Booth of the Lissadell Estate and was subsequently consecrated on 4th June 1858 by Bishop Beresford. An extension to the north was added in later years, including an extra row of pews and an aisle to facilitate the growing congregation. The clock was added later funded by the tenants of the Gore-Booths on the Lissadell estate. Many of the Gore-Booth family are buried in a private graveyard to the east of the church. Lissadell church is now part of the Drumcliffe Group of churches in the Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh under the auspices of the Church of Ireland.

Stained-Glass Windows:

The church is renowned for its exquisite windows, some original and others later additions.

The original eleven windows were made by William Warrington and Son, in London. The oldest window in the church is the west window, in memory of Hannah Gore-Booth, mother of Sir Robert. The rose window above it is thought to be a copy of one in Paris. The East window is in memory of Caroline Susan Gore-Booth, Sir Robert’s wife.

Two special windows: Harmony and Fortitude were added later around 1907 designed and made by Ethel Rhind in An Tur Gloine, Dublin. These were made in memory of Augusta Gore-Booth, known as “wee Ga” due to her small height, and who also played the organ in the church.

Lissadell window

Harmony and Fortitude

Two more were commissioned specially, depicting Courage and Love designed by Catherine O’Brien around 1950. These were made in memory of two brothers: Brian and Hugh Gore-Booth, who were killed during the Second World War.

Past Rectors of Lissadell:

The parish records show the numerous past incumbents of Lissadell Church, going from the present Ven. Isaac Hanna right back to William Jeffcott the first rector of the church in 1842:

Isaac Hanna (2015 – Present)


Ian Linton (2008)

ian l

Andrew Forster (2002)

andrew f

Ian Gallagher (1993)

ian g

Robert Hayman (1987)

James Maurice Glover Sirr (1969)

Samuel Derek Hamilton (1963)

Arthur Cotter (1950)

Dermot Nicholas Bowers (1946)

Cecil Herbert Smyth (1943)

Samual Richard Miller (1912)

Thomas Arnold Harvey (1907)

William Dudley Saul Fletcher (1900)

Frederick Sheridan Le Fanu (1885)

Thomas Cosgrave (1876)

Capel Wolseley (1859)

William Jeffcott (1842)

Church Events: 

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Church Tours:

Private tours of the church can be arranged by contacting us in advance of your visit.