What We Believe

As a Christian community, our life is rooted in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Jesus taught that he came to offer people life in all its fullness (John 10.10). At the heart of the Christian message is the good news that God can forgive our sins, set us free from guilt and despair, and offer us a fresh start and a renewed purpose in our lives.

We believe that through placing our trust in Jesus, it is possible to know God, to be assured of his love and to experience his presence and power in our daily living. We believe that God still speaks clearly to ordinary people through the Bible, and that we can trust what it teaches. We also believe that God is in control of the world, including our lives, and that the day will come when his sovereignty will be seen and known by all people (Philippians 2.10).

We are convinced that our faith should make a difference in the way we treat one another and use the resources God has given us. We are called to love and support one another and follow Christ’s example of humility and service, and to work for justice for all.

We long to see signs of God’s kingdom coming alive in our community, and we want to play our part in contributing to the wellbeing of our local area.

If you would like to know more about what it means to follow Christ today we recommend logging onto the Christianity Explored site by clicking here.