There are many ways to support Drumcliffe Church

Where is Drumcliffe located?
Drumcliffe Church and Churchyard, final resting place of the Internationally famed poet W.B. Yeats is located along the N15 Primary Routeway, North of Sligo town. The large visitor car park is located on the right side of the road as you travel north and from the car park you can enter the churchyard though the signposted gateway. There is ample free car and coach parking.

What is there to discover at Drumcliffe?
Drumcliffe Church and Churchyard has an array of points of interest to discover. From the remains of the ancient monastery to the burial place of W.B. Yeats, the current Church of Ireland Church and its fascinating history and of course no visit is complete without a trip to the Tea House for a cuppa and browse at the wide selection of craft and books. New from Spring 2021: why not book an audio guide tour of this amazing place!

What is the weather like in Sligo?
The weather in Sligo is extremely changeable, from sunshine to showers in minutes. Our location at the point between the sea and the nearby Glencar Valley means that showers coming in from the west regularly land on Drumcliffe. In Summer or Winter it can also be lovely but we would recommend that you always have a raincoat handy and plenty of layers.

Drumcliffe Church and Churchyard is accessible to those with mobility issues. The grounds is tarmac and paving, though we would not recommend traversing the damper grass areas as the ground is usually not very firm. We would also caution crossing the main road to the round tower, whether fully able bodied or not it is danger and the round tower can be viewed safely from the church side.

The Church and Churchyard have no public toilet facilities, the nearest onsite facilities are in the Drumcliffe Tea House though purchase or 50cent is usually required to use these in peak times due to the volume of people.

Drumcliffe Church is ordinarily open all year round but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the church is CLOSED. We will post regular updates on the opening of the church on our Facebook page – Drumliffe Church, Sligo.

The Churchyard remains open to those attending graves, but we would ask those visiting to respect the social distancing guidelines and to wear a mask where possible. In the case of a funeral taking place during the Level 5 restrictions the Churchyard will be closed to only immediate family or close friends as per the Government guidelines. We would ask that you respect these restrictions.